VidRTC - an online conferencing engine

A customizable audio and video conferencing platform for your business needs.

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VidRTC - an online conferencing engine

What is VidRTC?

VidRTC is a customizable engine that is used for internal and external business communications. It can support basic features such as video calls, calendars, scheduling, and text messaging.

  • 1K+

    calls can be hosted with one media server

  • 200

    users can be hosted in one room

  • 25K+

    viewers can join your broadcast

An All-In-One Business Engagement Tool

VidRTC covers all essential features for all kinds of business needs

  • Video calls

    Video calls

  • Poll voting

    Poll voting

  • Text messaging

    Text messaging

  • EMR integration

    EMR integration

  • Automated health assistant

    Automated health assistant

  • Speech-To-Text


  • Exam monitoring

    Exam monitoring

  • Scalable Audio Mixing

    Scalable Audio Mixing

  • Conferences


  • Streaming


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The online conferencing software solution

To fulfill versatile needs.

Banks & Insurance

Banks & Insurance

Events & Conferences

Events & Conferences

Startups & Product Companies

Startups & Product Companies





Real Estate
Real Estate
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  • Healthcare
  • Startups & Product Companies
  • Banks & Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Events & Conferences
  • Education

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VidRTC is a virtual conferencing software engine that simplifies your communication needs

  • Schedule and Hold Appointments

    Unlock m-health, telemedicine, and client communication opportunities. Connect with your patients or clients online.

  • EMR & Database Integration

    Integrate VidRTC with internal databases to hold meetings, to get easy access to client/patient information, and to apply changes.

  • Whiteboard

    With a collaborative dashboard, visualize ideas or work in a team/class/meeting online with instant whiteboard updates.

  • Exam Monitoring

    This solution uses a built-in anti-cheating system to provide safeguards for exams and tests.

  • Encrypted Meetings

    Host a peer-2-peer connection with an OAUTH authentication standard and get guaranteed data security.

  • Online Events

    Organize events and conferences with a maximum of 100 people and 1000 viewers.

  • Poll Voting

    This voting function allows for team members to discuss urgent questions online and without having to leave the platform.

  • Client Communication

    Close deals twice as fast and save your clients the trouble from commuting to your office.

Based on WebRTC

The quality can reach up to 1080p and all broadcasts are supported by all modern browsers and recording equipment.

WebRTC contains key features for developing video chat and conferencing software solutions. It uses end-to-end encryption with a 256-bit key for data transmission.

In addition, it supports video calls, screen sharing, and the ability to send and receive files. It was also the inspiration for VidRTC, and like WebRTC, we secure sub-second latency for video transmissions.

Case studies

  • French Realtor Association

    French Realtor Association
    • Online broadcasting from any location
    • AR integration
  • HIPAA Messaging

    HIPAA Messaging
    • Confidential e-health environment
    • HIPAA-compliant patient communication
  • Events10X

    • Online event management
    • Easily managed
    • Ability to create multiple rooms

Use video communication as a competitive advantage

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Security Compliance

  • GDPR

Still Have Doubts?

Outstanding global market size

Outstanding global market size

The recent Gartner report forecasts the worldwide social software and collaboration market to reach billion in 2021.

Video calls are used by millions

Video calls are used by millions

Over 400 million participants hold their business meetings via video conferencing software like Zoom or Hangouts

Faster video conferencing development

Faster video conferencing development

Reduce the development cost by 2 months of development. VidRTC engine already has the essential features on board.

Increase your business capabilities with VidRTC

Dive deeper into VidRTC’s technologies. Find out how it works.

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