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What we do

For Healthcare

VidRTC platform assists doctors in collaboration & task management while providing for patients medical consultations in one click.

For Education

VidRTC eLearning platform makes the studying process more interactive, effective and available anywhere for students and teachers.

For Business

VidRTC e-meeting solution improves the remote team’s communication, collaboration, and decision-making process.

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Expand your medical practice with technology investments

Health Assistant

The platform provides doctors with an online environment for communication with patients, collaboration, effective desk task & appointment management.

EMR integration

The platform is fully integrated with an EMR system to transfer securely patients' data making it accessible for doctors at any time.

Leaks preventor

VidRTC platform puts security and safety in the first place as it is based on the most advanced data-encryption technology to protect all data.



Advance online studying process with elearning tool


The platform intuitive dashboard is easily customized for different lessons to sketch, explain and teach in real-time collaboration.

Exam tool

The solution empowers a built-in unique anti-cheating safeguards system to provide powerful system for exams and tests.

Insert Video

E-learning platform provides HD online video conferencing between students and teachers from anywhere.


Business Meetings

Empower company growth with a smart tool for collaboration


Voting functionality allows team members to discuss urgent questions online within the platform.

Speech to Text

With the intelligent speech-to-text transcription the tool puts your speech into text ready to be sent in a message or set as a task.


With the collaborative dashboard, users can visualize any idea or work in a team online while all changes are automatically updated on screen.


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VidRTC is a team of skilled professionals with extensive experience in the software development industry. We passionate about building progressive products that solve business problems and empower clients' growth

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